Saturday, August 9, 2008

Went Fishing

All day on the roof, putting on shingles is tough work. I am certianly glad I don't do that for a living. As the three of us finished, I decided we needed to go fishing. I did not enjoy shingles, but I did enjoy my fishing trip down the street to our local fishing hole. Here are some pictures of the bigger of the 5 Bass I caught. It was a good day.


Rob Hooks said...

Nice looking fish, sir. I can't wait to go to Western Carolina, because I have heard there are a couple of good places to go fishing, and they have a fly fishing class.

And putting shingles on a roof absolutely sucks.

springer said...

They do have a great class taught by a good freind, and master fisherman. one heck of a pe credit. I guided up there when I was at WCU, you ever want to fish say the word, I don;t stay away from wcu for long, maybe headed up wed for some fishing infact.

Brad said...

did that fish punch you in the lip... i will kill that fish, if he so laid a finger on you