Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Sketch

Saw this cool picture at Trout Underground. Normally after Sunday lunch I like to get out instead of sitting in the house for 3-4 more hours with everyone, anti-social no, just want to be outside, and my ADD will just not allow that. So in an effort to keep my drawing juices stirred up and get back to my doing some art work, I sat down in the recliner with my Moleskine at sketched this out. Its not great, but I must say it is nice to be doing artwork again, and not feeling burt out from teaching it all day. Headed to Jackson County for some fly fishing on Wed, and looking forward to fishing as much as I am taking my sketchbook with me to capture some insect drawings as well. We will see, I am not sure I can put my rod down long enough to draw if they are bitting, but I will be more of a guide on this trip so I might not be fishing as much as I think.

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vern said...

jealous that you are going fishing tomorrow. hope you slay 'em, but more than that hope you are blessed by the time outdoors. went to the holston yesterday...tough day of fishing. we really must go fishing together sometime. i'm riging the 100 in the blue ridge brutal on saturday.